Ford Explorer Model Platinum XTL

 Yeah I'm going to show you the 2018 Ford explorer now the Ford explorer sits between the ads and the expedition it offers you the third row seats as well as great cargo room for the family so there isn't much difference on the exterior from the 17 and 18 models you still have your signature Ford grille here H. idea headlamps with daytime running and you also have your fog lamps below with a suite of safety features you have available in the explorer is the 180 degree front camera as well as your lane keep assist adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring.

So taking a look at the interior here. You can see on the door we have a nice black on black with a wood green embedded in the middle there. And then on the seat we have a nice letter that are heated and ventilated power adjusting and then you have a nice platinum badge on the back of the seats and then in the center console that we have a lot of technology that we're gonna touch on shortly. 

You do have 3 engine configurations with in the explorer you have a 35 V. 6 we also have35 ego boost and then the 2.3 liter eco boost. Take it away over the wheels this particulamodel has 20 inch wheels but there's a you can get anywhere from 18 inches to 20 inch wheels. 
take this and I look at the backseat here. You see we have a lot of great cargo space back here. In order to get to the third row you do have power second row seats you push this button right here and it folds it right down Fauria. To give you easy access to the third row. 

This particular export is equipped with a bucket seats with the Middle console which is optional and you also have the option of bench style seating. Available for your second row passengers are seated outbound seats as well as climate controls and several power options one of the really cool features in the plan is going to be your dual pane moonroof up top. You also have the auto dimming near and below that you have your sync 3 system so this is the home screen which is completely customizable you also have your audio.

 I mean controls phone to be able to connect the phone and then on your screen you can customize whatever after looking for you also have the navigation. In the settings is where you're going to find your wifi hot spot your voice controls and your display mode as well as the mobile apps button is going to be your android auto and apple CarPlay answers and all all of that you have your hard buttons for both your dual zone climate control as well as your ideal. 

In here you have a couple USB outlets when you have an automatic transmission with plus minus behind the steering wheel for some of your manual shifting. And then you also have the rotary option to do the normal mode the mud the mud right mode stand mode as well as snow and gravel and your hill descent. And then up under your steering wheel here on the right you have some of your radio controls your voice control in your phone connectivity and then on the left you have your doctor's cruise control buttons. And then here you have information in your driver information center of your trip information.

 As well as some of your you feel a Connie drivers assessed and settings and then on the right side you have the buttons for your many sync 3 system so that's going to go over your entertainment your navigation your phone and also providing you with a digital speedometer. So there are a lot of feet.

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