Hello everyone!

Here I am sharing my experience to buy a new car for me and my family. 

Quick brief of my first driven car was Maruti Swift VXI Petrol. Which was black with silver alloy wheels. which I sold at 2L in 2020. now it is participating & winning of rally race in Manali and other cities. 


So this time I m looking for something like a powerful SUV on a range of around 10L.

I started with TATA NEXON as a test drive was fine, new facelift 2020 model was good. The Interior was also appealing. 

The second was I tested the Hyundai Venue which was a tough competitor. But still, I was not that satisfied with this car.

I tried Ford Eco sport which was also a nice option, Space was good, but the issue was Ford discontinued the services in India. The Ford market is not that booming in India.

And Maruti Brezza is in the market already with positive reviews.  and even drive was good, But in my inner heart, My personal taste doesn't allow me to go with Brezza.

As I am a 28-year young automobile enthusiastic dude, I saw a red Mahindra THAR with blacktop on the road, and I was like this is it ...I really want to buy this.

So I visited Mahindra showroom Noida and drove a THAR, such an awesome driving experience. But being a family guy is not good for second-row seaters special for Mumma and ladies, fine for kids.

and its top model is only good on red and it will cast around 14 Lakh. which is quite higher for my range.

So I back to the Nexon and got a sunroof on it as a plus point. no infotainment display, no alloys, no push-button start and stop, no speedo digital display, 

As I heard so much good feedback about TATA Nexon and I am not a Tata fan, but I met with some car experts and I have my real experience too about its build quality was not that up to the mark. people were saying who had a good experience, the engine will vibrate after a few years. 

When I was browsing about this on the internet to know more I saw a google ad about Nissan Magnite.

I was stunned it is looking good, So I did the same visit, test drive, etc., and it fit my all parameters.

The only feature I m not getting is the sunroof which was acceptable. 

Infotainment display, Alloy wheels, Push-button start and stop,  Digital Speedo display, and some other tech package ( Including Air purifier,  dashboard lighting, doors lighting, JBL Speakers,)

All features in the 8 Lakh Only

Buy Turbo version

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